Welcome to PAKAD (Photo Art - Kathie Ann Davis). Today you will discover a new kind of Fine Art. Graphically designed and printed with layers of photos, texture, and type, a PAKAD montage transforms over time. Artwork panels are made out of industrial strength aluminum, powder-coated, and laced together on a three-dimensional template. Every panel is updateable. When you want a new design of pictures displayed, just swap out the old imagery for a fresh look and feel. Your artwork will never grow old! This patent pending product makes your investment in Fine Art an easy decision.
We design for residences and businesses (specializing in commercial size arrangements). Compared to other Fine Art, PAKAD is individually personalized and built through a direct relationship between the artist and buyer. One-on-one attention paves the way for a unique canvas every time. This is your opportunity to have something no one else has. Most people who invest in Fine Art are initially attracted for sentimental reasons. What could be more sentimental than your very own favorite photographs? A PAKAD promises nothing less than the pride you feel when sharing your accomplishments with others. It's a showcase of you and your achievements!